Tina Turner Celebrity Lookalike impersonator



The audience is always amazed at her ability to provide a real Tina experience. To do it properly, so many things need to be taken into consideration. First there is the costume – then there is the hair (Tina from the eighties or Tina of today). Fortunately God gave her Tina legs, a Tina face, a Tina body and the timber of Tina’s voice.  She has also totally mastered Tina’s dance, body movements and even her facial gestures. Because she is also an accomplished actress she makes it all so believable. She is so “look alike” she is very confident with close interactions with the crowd which often involves her singing and dancing her way through the audience, or getting people up to dance with her. Everyone, both young and old is drawn into the magic that she creates. Everyone should experience her as Tina at least once during their lifetime.