Prince Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



Since the early age of 15 he has always been inspired t impersonate Prince He loves listening to music, acting, and recreating Prince’s incredible outfits In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he studied dance at Beija Flor Samba School. He also danced, lip-synched and acted in many theater shows. He has taken jazz dance and acting classes to master the art of mannerisms. Arriving in New York City, in May 1999. He studied the English language and with lots of hard work and devotion he graduated top of his class. He speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently. In 2002 he set his sights on fulfilling his dream as a Prince impersonator and has mastered his look in just two years. He is currently performing as Prince at private parties spectacular events and hot trendy NYC Nightclubs. When you want the next best thing you can count on “him”!