Miley Cyrus- Hannah Montana Celebrity Lookalike impersonator



Professional double for Miley Cyrus. And I even tricked her Dad! An experienced performer. For the past year, at least once a day, people tell me that I look like Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana. I was a server, and the parents that came into the restaurant would take pictures of me, so that they could tell their kids that they met Hannah Montana. My own mother thinks that pictures of Miley,are me!! I recently met the lead singer of Journey,and he strongly advised me to make a business out of this. So, that’s what I am doing I do Birthday parties, meet and greets, and pretty much whatever you would need Hannah Montana for!Book me for your next event!!!Celebrity Look Alike Impersonator, Lookalike, Impersonator, Clone, look a like, Available Nationwide for your Special Event.