Michelle Obama Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



She has done events all around the world as well as appearing on worldwie televison anradio. When Barack Obama was inaugurated in January, she didn’t hesitate to join the celebrations in Nottingham, England as a Michelle Obama Celebrity Lookalike Look Alike Impersonator. But little did she know how much the new president’s rise to power would affect her own life. Less than three months on, the 44-year-old is working as a lookalike for none other than President Obama’s wife, Michelle. At first it was just her friends who pointed out her obvious likeness to the First Lady. But during the recent high profile visit of the Obamas to the UK, she has heard the same from strangers in the street.”At first it was just work colleagues and friends, but now it’s strangers too,” she said.”I went into Boots and the staff in there said it. I’ve been stopped in nightclubs and in the street – it’s just gone on and on and on.”I even went to an information day about how to become a magistrate and people were saying it to me there.” Like Mrs Obama, who turned 45 in January, she has spent time mentoring university students. Both women list exercise as their favorite hobby, although she prefers salsa dancing to the early morning runs enjoyed by the president’s wife as a Michelle Obama Celebrity Lookalike Look Alike Impersonator.