Trinity-Matrix Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



Image of the ACTION character that Carrie-Anne Moss portrays is uncanny.Before she took on this lookalike role, she was mobbed for autographs by fans who thought she was the “MATRIX lady.” After several weeks of being asked “Are you her?” she decided to do something about it. Included in that “something to do”was to find a “Neo,” and she did – Ryan Bageard – he’s #One! To top it off he is proficient in martial arts.Her background is also in martial arts, as well as in modeling and acting, so taking on such a lookalike role was the next obvious step, and take it she did. In her black patent leather boots, vinyl coat and sunglasses, topped off with 9 mm semi-automatic Barettas, she becomes “Trinity.” She’s ready to back up her #One – “Neo. ” As a team they can conquer the world, the unreal world of the MATRIX!Film, television, voiceovers and print are no strangers to her. She not only fills her own shoes in such forms of media, but has also been filling the shoes of other characters, not to mention the lookalike boots of MATRIX’S Trinity.As herself and as “Trinity” she has won numerous awards- both national and international!