Martha Stewart Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



I’m sure it’s obvious, if you could afford to have the real Martha Stewart appear at your event, you would be guaranteed to have a great success! But, what about the thousands of companies that would find that possibility cost prohibitive. Today, people love to have fun with “make believe fantasies”.The world is in love with Reality Shows… that are anything but a reality.Look-alikes bring fun and fantasy to any event! She can add excitement to your event at a price you an afford.With the high cost of participating in Trade Shows today, you can’t afford for your show not to be a success. You need something or someone to MAKE CUSTOMERS STOP at YOUR BOOTH! can make that happen with her years of Trade Show Experience and her uncanny look of “Martha”.Martha Stewart is such a unique and diverse individual that the possibilities are endless for the type of events as well as the variety of businesses that would benefit greatly from her presence,expertise, demonstrations or advice. Here are some “grrrreat” event possibilities! Conventions – Meet and Greet with a Photographer Picture as “Martha” as your hostess greeting your customers.A photographer can take event souvenir pictures with “Martha ” holding your product and your company name prominently displayed along with your smiling new customer. Your sales people will have time and opportunity to qualify customers when everyone lines up to have their pictures taken. You can hand out the photos at the show and/or emailed them directly to their company. At the end of the show, you will have a wonderful email database of interested clients for follow up … JUST WHAT YOU HOPE FOR AT EVERY SHOW! Conventions with your products demonstrated by“Martha”. You all know how hard it is to get the masses of people that attend a trade show to even slow down as they pass your booth, never mind stop and listen to your presentation. Martha Stewart is the premier “HOW TO” lady in the country.Do you have a product that is unique, handy, a time saver, etc. ? “Martha” demonstrate it for you!  With 25 years of trade show experience, combined with the style and look of “Martha”, She will capture the crowd and get your products the attention they deserve.You spend so much money on advertising … getsprospective customers curious enough to stop by and see what “Martha” is showing!Award Banquets and Presentations given by“Martha”Isn’t everyone tired of the boss handing out the awards year after year? Wouldn’t it be fun to have “Martha” handing them out with her style of superlative praise or a “Martha” roast with her sharp tongue. Everyone will go home with pictures that they will love to show their family and friends and cherished memories of a fun evening! Grand Openings of Restaurants or Stores hosted b “Martha” Who better to know the proper way to cut that ribbon at a GRAND OPENING than Martha Stewart? You can use “Martha” to greet your guests and customers in a warm and hospitable manner, one befitting an invitation to Martha Stewart’s own home! Having “Martha” as your Host at any event will be a welcome memory for all! “IT’S A GOOD THING”