He has been practicing magic for over thirty years. Magic is his passion and he considers magic an art and he is self-taught.
It all began when he was about the age of ten when he discovered an advertisement in a comic book about a magic kit. He saved his money and sent for the kit and when it arrived he practiced the magic until he perfected the routine. He knew that practice was the foundation to becoming a great magician. He was ready to start performing, and did so for his family and friends and took the stage in many school plays. he continued to read book after book, and perfected any piece of magic he was working on. Never did he think that his passion for magic would someday be his dream career. What he did know is that the magic would never disappear from his soul
After years of practice he became superior in sleight-of-hand, clever misdirection, stage illusions and close up magic. his show is made up of creative illusions from stage magic to cards tricks, coins, knives, disappearing rings and levitations. His magic is now known throughout the world.
In his early twenties, he started performing magic at hotels in Atlantic City, N.J. and Resorts. He performed a regular show on Saturday nights at Mickey Rooney’s Place in Pennsylvania. He also took acting classes and eventually landed some commercials for Schaffer beer. His greatest joy is seeing the expression on people faces when he is performing. He believes that if only for a moment, his magic can take your mind off of everyday life and problems, makes you feel happy, his accomplished just what he wanted to.
He has worked with famous magicians like Harry Blackstone and Keith Clark. While working with Keith Clark, a famous magician from France, he became fascinated with his cigarette magic, and once again, he practiced the routine until he perfected it.
He is well rounded and performs his original pieces of magic which he creates.
He performs in many different venues from restaurants to weddings, night clubs, corporate events and private parties. Regardless of the venue, after each performance everyone walks away thinking the same thing……. how did he do that? he will always leave you with everlasting magical memories!

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