Lucille-Lucy Ball Look alike Impersonator

Invite Lucille-Lucy Ball Look alike Impersonator to your next event. She is always a huge hit at every event she is invited to. Her quick wit and comedy will make your event great and loads of fun. 
 Lucy Lookalike
A “dead ringer” for the beloved Comedian. This professional actress, stand up comic, and comedy writer uses all her talents to create the beloved characters of Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball impersonator is excellent for corporate & private events, company picnics, trade shows, clubs, fundraisers, & advertising. Provide your audience with photos taken with “Lucy” as souvenirs. This accomplished impersonator not only looks like the performer, she has captured Lucy’s voice and mannerisms as well. Lucille Ball Impersonator always makes every event more fun and everyone in attendance always loves her…..”I love Lucy” and everyone loves Lucy.
Here are some ideas for some Great shows for your event:
Lucy sings and dances the Mambo
Lucy auditions for “Gone with the Wind”
Lucy does stand up comedy(5-30 minutes)
Lucy does skits with Ricky
Lucy does skits with other Impersonators
“Lucy, We Have Company”
(1 hour show with Ricky)
Mix and Mingle and Photos with Guests

Lucy Lookalike

Lucille, Lucy Ball Impersonator is always a huge hit at each and every event she is invited to. Call today to have Lucy at your next special event or gala. 954-484-7884


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Lucille-Lucy Ball Celebrity Lookalike-Look Alike Impersonator