Lone Ranger and Silver Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



I am a Lone Ranger look-a-like impersonator entertainer and Tribute Performer that rides a white horse. Are you aware that The Lone Ranger has become the most familiar and recognizable character—real or fictional—of the Old West and catches the attention of todays kids faster than any other type of entertainment? Yep, that’s right, it is true. The Lone Ranger momentum is building. A new Lone Ranger Movie is now in the making by Disney and a new era of kids are getting enthused. You have an opportunity to be the first to bring “the most authentic looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country” to the kids and adults in your area. In doing my tribute shows and performances as “a look-alike Lone Ranger”, it is my intention to honor those who have played The Lone Ranger on both radio and television. Everyone that has portrayed The Lone Ranger via radio and television deserves a big thank you and I dedicate this site to them. The Lone Ranger was a friend to decent people everywhere. To protect them and himself he wore two six-shooters especially made for him. He never shot to kill but wounded if necessary. Silver bullets were his ammunition of choice. He used the bullets as a means of identifying himself to local law enforcement. When the Lone Ranger needed to go undercover he donned a variety of disguises, often that of a bearded character.