John Travolta Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

John Travolta Look-Alike,Sound A-Like, Impersonator born and raised in none other than Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst Brooklyn, I have experienced first hand many of the John Travolta characters, Which I portray. As a matter of fact when meeting “The John Travolta”, he stared in my face and called me his “Alter-Ego”.I’ve been stopped by strangers and told by almost everyone I meet, How much I Look like John Travolta I’m actually a John Travolta Look-a-like, Sound alike and impersonator. for 9 years. people, however have told me how much I look and sound like John Travolta almost my whole life and when you add the make-up and costume,It’s perfection!i’m younger than John Travolta,Therefore his “Saturday Night Fever” “Tony Manero character and “Grease” “Danny Zucco “character are my specialty.For each of these themes i offer a totally interactive show, Which leaves no one sitting! I am a party Motivator,Entertainer, Impersonator,Lookalike, Sound A Like character and dancer that is sure to have your guests talking about your party or event forever. My shows are about the guests or the clients being the biggest part of the show. Adults and children both are thrilled with being able to feel as if they are re-living “Saturday Night Fever” or “Grease”