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When you think of entertainers who do it all, certain names immediately spring to mind such as Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder and Prince. Soon however there will be another name added to that list. For he is an entertainer who truly does it all! During the early 80’s as a songwriter/guitarist for the likes of the 4 Tops, Curtis Mayfield, The SOS Band, The Temptations and Donny Hatheway, he had the opportunity to quickly soak up a lot of musical history at a young age. During those years he was content to use his talents to assist others in maintaining their well earned reputations for musical excellence. (He penned Donny Hatheways’ last solo hit entitled “You Were Meant For Me”) However, in the back of his mind there were always a desire to step beyond the shadows and into the spotlight. When he finally did break out, he had acquired so many skills that he amazed audiences around the world with his versatility! During that period in addition to mastering classical and Jazz guitar, as well as becoming a noted R&B/gospel vocalist, he picked up and added piano, drums, harmonica, dance and impressions to his bag of tricks. Even with all that he still managed to find time to write the music and lyrics to a Los Angeles theatrical production entitled “Claim It’, starring Mabel King of “What’s Happening” and “The Wiz” fame. He also visually recreated many superstars in concert such as Ray Charles (whom he portrayed in the opening ceremonies of Superbowl XXVII, setting the stage for performances by Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson). In addition to Ray there were also tributes to Little Richard, Stevie Wonders, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, M.C. Hammer and others, quickly making him one of the most respected live performers in the business. Not content with mastering over 200 voices he still has an eye on presenting his own inimitable vocal stylings to the public in a big way! and as he himself will tell you “after that,the sky’s the limit!”