Garth Brooks Celebrity Lookalike impersonator

He has been performing his Garth Brooks Tribute since 1994. After studying Garth’s songs, concert footage, music videos and live performances, he can not only perform Garth’s music, but he is also able to imitate his on-stage theatrics. As a result, he has become a nationwide favorite entertainer for all types of shows and events. By 1992 Garth Brooks was King and celebrity impersonation was almost as popular as being the artists themselves. After several people commented on how remarkably close to the real thing he sounded, he set his sights on the biggest selling entertainer in the world. After studying his songs, concert footage and music videos, he not only could perform his music but more importantly had learned to imitate his on-stage theatrics. By 1994, he began his career as a Garth Brooks celebrity impersonator and has since become arguably the best in the business. In 1998, while looking to expand his act, he directed and produced his own 90-minute “Tribute to Garth Brooks” mini- concert based on Garth’s live show. Needless to say the reception was overwhelming and he has since performed it for hundreds of very satisfied clients including corporate event sponsors, fairs, festivals, casinos and universities from coast to coast. “Garth Brooks, Live, and In Concert.”