John Travolta Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

Elvis Presley Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

He seemed quite happy performing one song dressed in the 50‘s attire, another in the army suit and the audience certainly got into the groove quickly – but they equally enjoyed his full show when he was clad in leather! He made his way around the room greeting the people and making friends on his first visit to Montreal, both on and off stage. Behind the scenes he made new friends among the ETAs,sharing stories of various gigs around the US and as far as the crowd went, he answered many questions about his work in marketing and computers and signed autographs. When it came to the stage, he executed his songs well, certainly putting his heart and soul into his performance, but best of all – he enjoyed himself and that’s what it’s all about for this Georgian ETA! Thanks Elvis, you did a great job!