Donald Trump Lookalike Impersonator

The number one most requested Donald Trump Lookalike Impersonator Clone in the Nation. Has the Donald Trump look and the Donald Trump voice. Invite Donald Trump Celebrity Lookalike, Look alike Impersonator Clone to your next event.
Donald Trump lookalike, Look Alike Impersonator will make your event great again. Can custom create a comedic speech for your event or incorporate your materials and make it funny. Donald Trump Impersonator is available worldwide for speeches, meet and greet and photo opts.
He has traveled the nation making events “GREAT again. Invite Donald Trump Lookalike Impersonator to your event. Great for all types of events, private parties, corporate events, joining Hillary Clinton Impersonator doing a debate that is custom designed your event. He sounds just like Donald, looks just like Donald, just not as rich as Donald and does not own Trump Tower although he thinks he does being a Donald Trump Impersonator. Don’t build a wall around your next event…..invite Donald Impersonator to unite your guests with comedy and a lasting and wonderful memory for everyone.
Imagine having Donald Trump as host of your next event or MC for your General Session.  Now that would be rich…  really, really rich.  But of course, in reality, that’s not going to happen.  He’s a little busy right now, as you know, running for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!
However, you can have Donald Trump’s Lookalike Clone, MC Host and Master Impersonator.
It’s time to negotiate for some great entertainment.
Think about it… your event will be HUUUGE!!!
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Donald Trump Looklaike Impersonator