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David Letterman Lookalike impersonator



Look and Sound Alike.Available for Meet & Greet.Has acted as Host and MC at numerous Conventions, Parties.He has performed as a Stand-Up comedian.Many mix and mingle, (make my guest laugh) type ofappearances.Providing an uncanny Look-Alike of David Letterman,Nationally recognizedperformance of David Letterman.Award Winning Celebrity Look Alike of the Year!4 TIME AWARD WINNING DAVID LETTERMANIMPERSONATORIMPERSONATOR OF THE YEAR!Awards:Winner, Best Comedian at the “Reel Awards”Academy Awards for LookalikesWinner, Impersonator of the year at IGCITA(International Guild Of Celebrity Impersonators)Winner, Best Presenter / Best Presentation at the CosumerElectronics Show, Las Vegas 2001Other Skills:America’s favorite #1 Letterman Lookalike. Excelling as an M/Cof awards banquets, Interviewing, Roasting, Customizing Top10 Lists, Creative Convention work.Show includes: Personalized entrance with the music from theDavid Letterman Show, standup comedy, personalized Top 10 list,(written with top secret information), roasting hour, canned hams foreveryone,(limit 2). Great personality, endless energy, good physical shape, witty.Known for his professionalism and smooth running shows.His high energy approach as David Letterman has placed himamongThe Top 10 impersonators in the United States. Either as aMaster of Ceremonies,or producing a personalized Top 10 in a studio, his uncannyresemblanceand mannerisms are unparalleled.954-484-7884