Howard Stern Celebrity Lookalike impersonator

Cosmo Kramer- Michael Richards Celebrity Lookalike impersonator

They did an article on me (Kramers occasional ‘action’ double. In shot I’m with Kenny Kramer who Larry David the creator of Seinfeld styled the TV character (Michael Richards) after. Kenny is a celebrity in NYC in his own ‘right’ (he even ran for mayor). The shot helps me get bookings as it shows I was actually on the show! I’ve worked for many..many prestigious clients to name a few…AOL /Time Warner Christmas party…FUJI party on times sq. Marriott rotating bar on last night of Seinfeld… Virgin/Atlantic Air…Bell Atlantic National convention Washington D.C….Nat’l convention of Travel Agents ‘jacob Javits Center.. .Jerry Seinfelds an his wife Jessica’s fund-raiser for their favorite charity at N.Y.City Center and many many more! I can also ‘taylor’ a sketch of any occasion w/ info and facts on person or event. A former professional dancer, so I’m very good at getting a party off the ground.