Colonel Sanders Look Alike Impersonator 

Colonel  Sanders Look Alike Impersonator was a man of vision and in 1976 he was the second most recognizable man on the entire planet with his white suit, white goatee, black string tie and cane. He was also the worlds best chicken salesman and he has been, a Colonel Harland Sanders impersonator for Kentucky Fried Chicken has the same vision as the KFC icon who has graced the revolving bucket for decades all around the world. As an official KFC Global Brand Ambassador since 2010, he has already done several TV commercials and Colonel  Sanders Look Alike Impersonator events in various KFC markets all around the world. His knowledge of the man from Corbin, Kentucky is second to none and his ability to fill up a KFC lobby full of customers is amazing and all customers just love his ability to tell his story of Colonel Sanders in first person. As a true impersonator, he has down to a tee the look, voice and mannerisms of the favorite son of the commonwealth of Kentucky. Having a similar past as Colonel Sanders himself, he is also a commissioned Kentucky Colonel  Sanders Look Alike Impersonator and he knows what it takes to motivate and inspire people to reach for the stars as he encourages them to strive for personal perfection in their lives and careers. He is also a certified and fully trained KFC Cook and is able to prepare every beloved KFC recipe with those tasty side dishes which are sure to make any mouth water with all the excellence expected from KFC.  And yes, he does it the hard way by hand which was the Colonel’s way of course. He is available for any KFC function, from restaurant openings, TV commercials, local ad campaigns, motivational speaking engagements and all guest appearances, domestic or abroad.  Colonel Harland  Sanders Look Alike Impersonator


Invite Colonel Harland  Sanders Look Alike Impersonator to your next event. He is an official with KFC. call today-954-484-7884