Brad Pitt Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



I’ve worked on many films both behind and in front of the camera and done a little modeling also. I was the personal assistant of Sean Pen,Timothy Hutton, Stephen Dorff and Cathy moriarty. My film/t.v. work has included “Digging to China”, “Erotic Confessions/H.B.O.”, “The Crossing Guard” and “The Dog People Looking for any look alike work or modeling/acting I can get as you may have guessed? Some people think I look like Brad Pitt- even Brad Pitt! He took a doubletake the first time we met in 1995 and so did I. Pictures don’t really do me justice, by the way.I have been mobbed at airports, casinos and premiers in the past. Especially Asian’s they don’t think I look like him…they think I am him and can’t convince some otherwise. I hear it at least once a day and have been followed many times.