Tom Jones Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

He has become synonymous with Tom Jones. He is internationally recognized and praise as the #1 Jones look and sound alike in the world.Over the years, he has established himself as a staple at corporate events, private functions, and full stage solo concert performances.The pride he takes in his work, and the support he gets from his family, will always be there for him. .The job of impersonators is tough. Usually,the crowds that attend impersonation shows are cynical and look for what is inaccurate, rather than appreciating what is right with the performer. It is often the job of the impersonator to be better than the original in order to be accepted. With that being said, he has achieved more than most other impersonators have ever hoped. He hopes that his work will help inspire others to be the best that they can and hopes that his efforts have helped raise the expectations and the bar of impersonators.