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Do You Have the Best Beatles Tribute Band?
If you want entertainment that guests at your event will be talking about for years to come, hire Best Beatles Tribute Band Cover Band through Besser Entertainment. We can offer the most requested Best Beatles tribute bands all across the nation. Our Best Beatles tribute bands perform both live vocals and instruments. Through their performance they completely re-create the look, style and sound of The Fab Four. Each band features four talented musician look alkies who will take you and your guests on a musical mystery tour back to the Beatles at their peak.

Are Your Best Beatles Tribute Band Musicians Qualified?

Yes! Each of our Best Beatles tribute bands are comprised of world class musicians. Some are even veterans of The Cast of Beatlemania, Legends in Concert and Disney British Invasion band at EPCOT. Our celebrity impersonators not only look like the Beatles, but sound like them too. They completely take on the role, so you feel like you are at an actual Fab Four concert. Do I Have to Hire the Whole Beatles Tribute Band?

We offer a range of Beatles tribute band options to fit any event. Some of our most popular options include:

  • • The full costumed cast Beatles Tribute Band Show
  • • A duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney celebrity look alkies
  • • A solo Paul McCartney celebrity look alike

No matter which choice best fits your event, our skilled 1964 band performers will play the best of the Beatles songs for you! With live music performed by talented and real musicians, how can you go wrong?

What Songs Do Your Best Beatles Tribute Bands Perform?

Our talented musicians and celebrity impersonators will keep you engaged and entertained from the moment they step on stage. Some of our most top requested songs include:

  • • Hey Jude
  • • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • • Yesterday
  • • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • • A Day in the Life
  • • Let it Be
  • • Come Together
  • • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • • Something
  • • In My Life
  • • And many more!

No matter what Beatles song you are looking for, our tribute bands are happy to play it. In Summary they play all the Biggest Beatles Hits.

Why Should I Book the Best Beatles Tribute Band?

If you are looking for an exciting and fun way to entertain your guests, you should seriously consider hiring a tribute band. While hiring a real celebrity can be extremely expensive, if not impossible, you can easily hire a celebrity look alike to perfectly play the part. Tribute bands consistently draw crowds in because of the familiarity factor. Your guests will instantly recognize the “star” and be able to sing along. Enjoy a full set of top hits that everyone will know and enjoy performed by celebrity impersonators who seem like the real thing.

Besser Entertainment is proud to offer our clients Beatles tribute bands that have performed for thousands of happy audiences all over the world. Our specialty acts come in a range of prices to suit any budget while still providing excellent entertainment. You can rely upon our expertise in this niche field to ensure that you get the best talent for your event. Contact the team at Besser Entertainment today. Besser Entertainment can bring the excitement of the Best Beatles tribute band to your next event!
Best Beatles Tribute Band. Local, National, International.

With their tight harmonies, flawless note for note renditions of Beatles hits, custom–tailored costumes, vintage instruments, Beatles Tribute Band dialect and precise attention to every detail, The Best Beatles Tribute Band has honed their show to become one of the most musically and visually satisfying Beatle tribute acts in the world. The Beatles Tribute Band recreates the magic, music, wit and charm of the Beatles, including the Fab Four’s cheeky personalities, familiar onstage banter and patter between songs.

Three costume changes cover the full range of the Beatle experience and beyond, with authentic early black Beatle suits, Sgt. Pepper’s regalia and Abbey Road attire. Relive the emotional intensity of Paul’s moving Yesterday solo, as well as the high energy of stadium songs like Twist and Shout and other Beatle hits.