Elvis Presley Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

Elvis presley celebrity look alike impersonator his resemblance to elvis is undeniable. 6’1″, dark hair, those same intense eyes…uncanny. he couldn’t have known that the elvis presley records his mother played for him then were the keys to his future. “i think i learned ‘love me tender’ before i learned my abc’s.” singing in the school choir, he fell in love with the harmony of the voices. he lived in arkansas for several years where he found two things that would bring his dreams of singing elvis’ music closer. his wife, who supports his pursuit of the dream completely…and a natural southern drawl. he went to nashville briefly to pursue a career in country music, but the music in his heart was the music of the king. after serving in both the u.s. navy (where he won a talent competition with his rendition of ‘stuck on you’) and (twice) in the army national guard, he made his way back to his hometown and his musical path. in 2001, he sang as Elvis Presley Celebrity Look Alike Lookalike Impersonator Tribute Artist at a christmas party for renew, an agency for the developmentally disabled. once he took that stage, there were no more doubts. in spring 2007, after countless shows and benefit concerts around the country, it was time to head for vegas. making a living through the wedding and telegram venues was a great place to start. that left him the freedom to record, play local gigs, and audition for interesting projects. one such audition led to playing elvis in a movie that was shot summer of ’07. , this film, “tales of the catholic church of Elvis”, is winning awards at several film festivals. he rang in 2008, with a huge new year’s eve show at lake las vegas, playing at both the ritz-carlton ballroom and casino montelago. january 8th, 2008 was the annual elvis birthday bash at the sapphire club, a competition where brad took first place. the performances closest to his heart are the benefit shows. summer of 2008, brad was honored to do a fundraising show for a little girl, in vegas, who was injured when she was backed over by the family vehicle. she needed extensive plastic surgery. working in connection with the vegas motorcycle club of which her dad is a member, and the eagles lodge, brad performed as elvis and emcee, even getting the little girl up on stage to dance and help hand out raffle prizes. he recently did the summer season on the stage of the historic bumbleberry playhouse, downtown springdale, utah, in the heart of zion. offering both fifties and seventies shows, “relive the magic,” was a trip back to the time that elvis reigned as the ‘king of rock ‘n roll.’ he has worked with such giants as mtv, we tv, yahoo, dr. pepper, and was in katy perry’s latest video. there have been countless interviews and photo shoots for various magazines, such as maxim europe and television stations, including the we channel. he has formed a lasting friendship, through his work with lyman dayton, director of such classics as “where the red fern grows”. in the end, the true test of an elvis tribute artist is his voice. close your eyes and listen. when he sings, you will hear the smooth, sweet, southern sound of the king himself. Elvis Presley Celebrity Look Alike Lookalike Impersonator Tribute Artist