Dean Martin Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator

A mesmerizing voice and stage presence that is sweeping audiences off their feet.Performing across Canada and the United States, he has revived the ever world infamous velvet tone voices and classic images of the Super Stars as: Dean Martin, Roy Orbison,Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley.Let your mind revisit the past: A stroll down memory lane. . . hand in hand, arm in arm a warm breeze, you and your lover listening to the immortal greats.Whether you are a long time fan or new to the magic of the legendary figures of Dino (Dean Martin), Frankie (FrankSinatra), Roy Orbison,or “the King” (Elvis).His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor will take you back in time, to a place you thought was lostand you won’t want to return home. A similar story to that of Dean Martin, he was pushed onto the stage by his coworkers as they had heard him sing a pretty good tune on the job. Unlike Dean Martin, John does not hate elevators, but does share the same spirit. A voice women dream of and men wishing they were him.

Rat Pack Celebrity Lookalike Impersonators

Frank, Sammy and Dean are back! Make no mistake about it.By the time they exit the stage, the audience is standing and demanding an encore. The chemistry of these performers is extremely contagious and their interpretation of these three great entertainers is so life like. The true essence of the Rat Pack is that pureenergy and spontaneity of their performance. These guys don’t put it on. They bring it out.They are the real deal with that crazy cuckoo style. They are ready to bring down the house.heir interpretation of these three great entertainers is so life-like,that one has to really look twice to make sure one is not dreaming.” Anita Welsh, Star Talent Magazine