Conway Twitty Celebrity Lookalike impersonator



He began his singing career at age six, learning songs from the Country Music Radio Shows and singing those songs in part at family picnics. He has been a part of the entertainment industry ever since.He has appeared in over thirty feature films and on television, hosted fundraiser events for charities such as; The Firefighters, sports programs for under-privileged kids, various law enforcement organizations, drug prevention programs, and the Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. His Tribute to country music’s legendary Conway Twitty, he had this to say “I thought about this tribute for over six years. I was not going to do the tribute even when I received many requests from Conway’s fans who wanted me to. It was late November of 2000, when one of Twitty’s fans came over to me at a social gathering and asked ‘I would like to know why you won’t do a music tribute to Conway? Why won’t you do this for his fans?’ I said to her ‘no one will ever be as great as Conway.’ She interrupted with tears in her eyes and said most of all of Conway’s fans would like to see someone bring his memory and music to life again – and only you can do this for us the way we remember Conway.’ On September 7, 2001, standing alone on stage in front of a modest gathering of music fans and professional entertainers, he performed his first “Farewell Tribute” to Conway Twitty. Just the way the fans would remember him.