Barack Obama Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator



Everyday I have someone who comments to me that I look like Barak Obama. (Barack Obama Celebrity Look Alike Lookalike Impersonator Tribute Artist) It is always at least twice a day some days as high as six or seven (there have been a few days were I have heard it over a dozen times ) Some of the most memorable have been when a ten year old boy told his mother that I was Barak Obama when she tried to correct him he insisted that I was. Another was a six year old girl who when she went by me pointed to me , her mother asked her if she knew me and she whispered Barak Obama. Most recently a elderly lady who was asking me a question and saw the resemblance she became so flustered that she could barely get her question out after Barak Obama secured the democratic nomination. I was in an Outback steak house and my waitress thought I looked so much like him she sent the kitchen staff to my table to see for themselves. Barack Obama Celebrity Look Alike Lookalike Impersonator Tribute Artist.