The Godfather Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator


Just a short note to say “hello” to anyone considering my work as an entertainer. Let me start by saying…I’m proud and grateful to be in a business that allows me to take an audience away for a while where their new place is filled with laughter and song. I’ve pretty much done it all…the local T.V show, radio and T.V commercials, the opening act, the “Main” act, the guy being recorded as a singer or video taped as a stand-up comic, the impressionist/impersonator, the set-up man, the break-down man, the driver…[well, you get the picture]. In my business, I’ve had the good fortune to perform in many different places covering a vast scope of various events for many different types of people. Although the show is well received by audiences of all ages,55 plus communities in New England and Florida have proven to be a great venue to work … such as “The Villages” [Lady Lakes] in Central Florida … {a regular for nine months out of the year}…and for all of this I’m truly grateful.truly thank you for considering “The Godfather Variety Show” for your next up and coming event. It’s a show you can’t refuse!